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Ark Survival Evolved PC Download: A Survival Game with Prehistoric Vibe

Studio Wildcard collaborated with other studios to release Ark Survival Evolved PC download in August 2017. This survival game gained mixed reviews from critics because it is thought to be too hard. Nonetheless, many players are still enjoying this game especially for its highly challenging quests. Since the age rating of this game suggested that it is suitable for teens, it is able to reach bigger player scope.Related : Obtaining Official Rise Of The Tomb Raider PC Download

System Requirements

In this game, player is allowed to choose whether they want to play in third person or first person perspective. The game’s main theme is survival. Player has to maintain their character alive. They need to establish a base where they live. Since at the beginning of game player does not have resource, they must gather materials to build a base. They have to find basic structures like windows and doors which are scattered around the game’s world. There are wild animals (like dinosaurs!) with realistic power hierarchy that player has to tame. Player can use weapons to protect their character from outside world during their progress.

You need to fulfill minimum system requirements to run Ark Survival Evolved PC download in your device. The main processor which is required to ensure smooth running at the very least is Core i5-2400. An AMD equivalent which is FX-8320 will also work. If you have better central processor, it will work better. Processor for graphics display that is recommended for this game is 2 GB NVIDIA GTX 670. A 2 GB Radeon 7870 HD will also do the similar job.PROMOTED CONTENT

How to Download and Install

You can buy this game at Steam, which is a retail website for products related. Open the page at You got to have an account in the site and its app installed on your computer, though. Add the game to your online shopping cart then choose method of payment. The game will be sent to your in-device app to be downloaded.

How can you install Ark Survival Evolved PC download in your computer?

  • Turn of antivirus programs in the computer
  • Launch your Steam program
  • Go to “Library”
  • From the bottom right part, select “Add Game” and choose the game’s title
  • Click “Authenticate a game on Steam”
  • Type down activation code that you receive upon purchasing
  • The game will be downloaded and installed into your computer device

Accessing and installing Ark Survival Evolved PC download are not hard. You only have to go through two main processes, purchasing and installing. Enjoy the gaming experience to see if it is as difficult as everyone said!


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